t f R p s


This year I have had some really interesting web design projects – everything from creating an online store for a wool shop (which involved many hours photographing balls of yarn) to creating a social network for dogs. In between, there has been lots of graphic design work for a shoe company (how very tempting) and a request to make a lovely wedding album.

This last was a particular challenge as since moving house over a year ago, I hadn’t really sorted my work space out properly so it was  a real challenge to keep the white and cream leather, ivory satin book cloth and the Japanese Chiyogami decorative paper I used to make the album and its presentation box, away from any glue-y surfaces. In my old house I had separate glueing and dry assembly areas – here I have one space.

My dog, Milo fell asleep on several sheets of glue covered scrap paper that I had tossed on the floor – and it had to be cut from his coat when he woke up. You can see the finished album in the Custom album section of the portfolio – it’s the cream and white one.