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A New Year

It’s been such a hectic few months. During a quiet spell just after Christmas, I decided that was a good time to spruce up the Limetree Studio website – whereupon the work started rolling in and revamping this website had to take a backseat. Several months later (well 4 actually) I was ashamed to realise that I still had not finished my own website revamp and decided to re-instate the old one with a few tweaks. Better that than have none at all. So here we are again.

I’ve been working on several really good projects – amongst other things, a website for an tremendous local artist, Mike Bowman, three more websites underway and nearing completion and a book (which was ghostwritten by my good friend Claire Fordham) prepared for publishing and conversion to an e-book. Actually that has been an inspiration – it’s called ‘The Stay Young Revolution: How to Transform Fear of Aging into Confidence of Youth’ – it’s part motivational book and part memoir. The story of an amazing 89 year old Martha Weinstein who is still fit, glamorous and active, running her own beauty spa in Los Angeles. I’m now a revolutionary!

All this interspersed with other small projects and meetings and pitches for more work and – well here we are nearly at the end of April already! Where does the time go?